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Silver have been used for centuries to sanitize water. Copper is a well know algicide and silver is a powerful bactericide. In the ancient Greek civilization, the royalty used to drink from silver goblets and their water was stored in silver urns in order to purify their drinking water. As the pioneer settlers moved west across the American continent, they insured safe drinking water by putting silver coins in their barrels of water and milk. In the 1960's, NASA developed an electrolytic silver ionizer to purify the astronauts drinking water for use on the Apollo missions. Today silver is used in medications for treatment of burn patients to prevent infections, for newborns to prevent blindness, to make bacteria free cosmetics, in drinking water filters, and for filling cavities in teeth to help prevent further decay. Copper based algicides have long been used in swimming pools, fountains, lakes and ponds to safely control algae problems.

Lesser known facts about Silver
One of the most fascinating properties of silver is its bactericidal quality. Small concentrations of silver or silver salts kill bacteria by chemically affecting the cell membranes, causing them to break down. Bacteria do not develop resistance to silver, as they do to many antibiotics. Because of its bactericidal properties, silver nitrate drops are used to clean the eyes of newborns in much of the world. Silver rich creams are common household ointments for burns. Cotton gauze soaked in silver solution is proving a miracle cure for intensive care burn victims. While silver keeps bacteria at bay, it also cauterises minor capillaries, preventing blood loss, and the build-up of excessive scar tissue. Silver gauze is used to pack wounds of patients during transport to medical facilities. It is relatively inert in the human body, so it is commonly used to pin fractured bones, and sew large wounds. Silver-based water purification systems, both portable and industrial, are gaining widespread popularity.

Water Structuring Ionization using Enagic products.

Water Restructering Ionization machines are global and used for drinking water, cleaning water, sterilizing water as a bactericide and algaecide in an ever increasing number of water purification systems in hospitals, remote communities and, more recently, domestic households. Enagic Water Restructuring Ionization machines change the properties of water so that the high pH (9.5pH) Kangen waster removes the acids from your organs. The high anti-oxident property is (30 times greater)than tap, river, or bottled water. The footprint of the Kangen water at (2.5 pH) is so small that the water gets to the cellular level in seconds. You can test Kangen Water versus any other water by using two glasses of water. One with Kangen Water at (9.5pH) water and the other with regular tap, river, lake, or bottled water. The short time to watch the water change from clear to green or brown color is Kanger Water. The other glass will not change. Of the billions of dollars spent yearly in the U.S. for drinking water purification systems, no other bottled or purified water can compare to Kangen Water.

Portable Water Units that are certified as medical devices in many countries: Enagic, Inc.
Even when you're backpacking in the wilderness, clean, drinkable water is hard to find. Campers have traditionally boiled water or treated it with iodine tablets. Boiling water is not always practical and iodine has its own shortcomings. Not only can iodine take twenty minutes or longer to kill dangerous microorganisms but some people are allergic to it. Enter a new crop of pocket-sized water pumps that turn stream water into potable water on the fly, and they rely on silver to keep their filters safe and pure. Many of these silver-impregnated ceramic filters - sometimes containing beneficial chemicals to kill viruses, too - have pores so small that bacteria such as cholera, typhoid, and E. coli can't pass through them. Silver's natural anti-bacterial action keeps bacteria from building up on the filters which can remain wet for months at a time. This built-in, anti-bacterial feature also allows the filters to be cleaned with fresh water once the trip is over and reused many more times.

Silver News - June/July 1997

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